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Welcome to weatherOnline!'s Weather Q&A! Want to share an experience you had in a tornado? Ever live through a hurricane? Preparing for an upcoming blizzard or hurricane? Curious about jobs in the meteorology fields? Anxious to find out about the newest weather sites on the internet? Use these resources to satiate your curiosity of the world of weather!


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In the future, weatherOnline! will present online experts and guests, talking in real-time about real-issues in the wide world of weather.

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    t@p made weather a part of its life, make it a part of yours too! Exchange messages within the "Life" folder...and tell others how weather is a part of your life. Is a storm heading your way? Want to let loved ones know you're ok? Want to post your opinion about the next storm track? Or want to read someone else's predictions? Post, read, and reply in the message boards!

    Meteorologist Michael Phillips will check these message boards on a regular basis; post your expert questions here and he'll get back to you with your requested information as soon as possible.

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    Have access to internet newsgroups? Here's a collection of weather and earth-science related newsgroups on the 'net! Browse weatherOnline!'s collection...and if you don't happen to see your favorite weather-related newsgroup online, let us know!

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    Did weatherOnline! forget about something? Is your weather-related web page not listed in our directories? In the hundreds of pages that exist on weatherOnline!, did we accidentally place a broken link or missing image? Let us know!

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